Life was as usual and normal during the wake of  2020.

By the end of March,  Covid 19  started to attack and towards mid- April it rose to a pandemic,  horrible and terrible gulping the whole universe. People were stranded within the four walls of their houses totally bound without chains.. 

Life made a paradigm shift as never before.

At this juncture, we, 2 brothers  who were  into Catering and Event Management business more than 20 

years started to think out of box . We were also struck by the lock down and had turned to be part of the 

zero income group. Lack of business and income lead to increasing liability making the people totally immobile.

But our staffs and industry provided a platform to connect people like vendors,  professionals, auditorium and hotel owners etc who also faced the wrath of the pandemic and was finding it hard to make both ends meet..

From mid-April to the start  of May 2020 we began engaging ourselves in charity activities like food distribution for slums and poor people, Covid 19 awareness campaigns  and much more.

It was during early June that we realized that Covid 19 will not leave its grip shortly from world.

The life style and financial situation also will turn more gruesome.

And then when we started to think about a plan B,  we never remained selfish. We thought of others as well who are sailing in the same boat like us including industry related people and public.


and the plan B should be...





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