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We are introducing our Oven Toaster Griller (IMOTG-19) for perfect partner of the kitchen. Begin with a convection oven with convection technology, the heat in the chamber is circulated evenly, and the food gets cooked uniformly and rapidly while saving energy. Contains Bake tray, Wire rack and Tray handle with the package Features: Stylish and Elegant Design with convection function Capacity -19 L Powder coated MS body material and Glass door. Power consumption of 1300 Watts 5 Functions : 1.Upper heating 2.Lower heating 3.Upper and Lower heating 4.Upper heating with Rotisserie Function 5.Upper and Lower heating with Rotisserie Function Ensures Uniform Heating from all direction Variable Temperature control up to 250 degree Timer control -60 minute Comes with 2 Year Warranty

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